A Novel Drug Delivery of Microspheres

  • Smily Walia Department of Pharmaceutics, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India
  • J.S. Dua Department of Pharmaceutics, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India
  • D.N. Prasad Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India


Microspheres are multiparticulate drug delivery systems that distribute medications at a predetermined rate to a specific region. Microspheres are free-flowing powders manufactured from biodegradable proteins or synthetic polymers, with particle sizes ranging from 1 to 1000 micrometers. Benefits of using microspheres in medication delivery, bone tissue manufacture, and pollutant absorption and desorption by regeneration .The study demonstrates how microsphere parameters are planned and measured. Bioadhesive microspheres, polymeric microspheres, magnetic microspheres, floating microspheres, and radioactive microspheres are only a few examples of complicated microspheres. Cosmetics, oral medication administration, target drug delivery, ocular drug delivery, gene delivery, and other industries covered in the paper could all benefit from microspheres. To ensure best therapeutic effectiveness, the agent must be delivered to target tissue at an optimal amount during the appropriate timeframe, with low toxicity and adverse effects. There are several methods for delivering the therapeutic substance to the target site in a controlled manner. The use of microspheres as medication carriers is one such technique. The value of microspheres as a novel drug delivery carrier to accomplish site-specific drug delivery was discussed in this article.

Keywords: Microspheres, method of preparations, polymer bioadhesion, types of microspheres.

Keywords: Microspheres, method of preparations, polymer bioadhesion, types of microspheres


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Author Biographies

Smily Walia, Department of Pharmaceutics, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India

Department of Pharmaceutics, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India

J.S. Dua, Department of Pharmaceutics, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India

Department of Pharmaceutics, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India

D.N. Prasad, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Shivalik College of pharmacy, Nangal, Punjab, India


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