Digital Preservation & Repository Policy

Digital Preservation Policy

Our Journal has electronic backup and preservation of access to the content via PKP Preservation Network (PN). The PKPPN provides free preservation services for our journal as it meets a few basic criteria required by PKPPN.  

Our Journal also has PORTICO Membership as alternate preservation options;

JDDT is committed to the long-term preservation of its content. All articles published by the journal are preserved by PORTICO


Repository Policy & Self-Archinig

JDDT is a Sherpa RoMEO Journal. The journal permits and encourage authors to archive any version of their article they find most suitable, including the version of record (VOR) on their institutional repository and any other suitable website. See our policy recorded on Sherpa Romeo And OCLC/OAIster (OAIster: Catalog of open access resources | OCLC)


The VOR is the final (peer-reviewed, accepted, copyedited, and formatted) version of an article that will have been assigned a DOI and published online accompanied by a printable PDF of the same.

Sharing Your Published Work

The VOR may be:

  • Placed on the author’s institutional repository or archive—a link using the DOI must be provided
  • Posted on the author's personal website—a link using the DOI must be provided
  • Presented at a meeting or conference
  • Shared for teaching purposes or with a research group
  • Posted on social media

Once self-archived, individual users may view, print, download, and copy self-archived articles for non-commercial/non-promotional research and private study purposes, as well as text and data mine the content under the following conditions:

  • You, the author, must be given appropriate credit (ie, author’s name, copyright notice, license notice), and the work cannot be altered in such a way that your reputation or integrity may be questioned.

The user is obligated to ensure that any reuse of third-party content complies with the copyright policies of the owner of that content.