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Dr. Ram C Dhakar, SRG Hospital and Medical College Jhalawar, India-326001, India. Email: editor.jddt@gmail.com  Phone: +91-9783920207 Google Scholar    ResearchGate   



Dr. S K Prajapati, Professor, Institute of Pharmacy, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi (U.P.), India, India. Email:  drsunilprajapati@gmail.com  ResearchGate  Website  Research fields: Novel Drug Delivery, Microspheres, Nanoparticles


Dr. Rajesh Ramasamy, Associate Professor, Head of Department, Department of Pathology, Faculty Medicine and Health Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia Phone: +603 8947 2377   Mobile: +6012 393 6444   Fax: +603 8941 2787 Email: rajesh@upm.edu.my  ‪Google Scholar   ResearchGate Website   SCOPUS ID: 26024442700 Research Fields: Stem Cells, Immunology, Diabetes, Medicinal Plant Research, Sidha Medicine


Dr. Syed Mohd Danish Rizvi,  Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, University

of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia. Email: syedrizvi10@yahoo.com   Official Email: sm.danish@uoh.edu.sa  | ORCID ID | Google Scholar | ScopusResearch Gate | Website | Research fields: Microspheres, Nanoparticles, Cancer




Dr. Priyanka Bhatt,  Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida, 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC30, Tampa, FL 33612, Email: priyankabhatt88@yahoo.com  psbhatt@health.usf.edu  Google Scholar  ResearchGate Website

Dr. Siddhartha Pati, Research Associate, Centre of Excellence, Khallikote University, Odisha, India. +91-8895577750/7008251372 Patisiddhartha@gmail.com  ResearchGate   ORCID

Dr. Prakash Doddapattar, Carver College of Medicine, University of Lowa, USA. Research Fields: Molecular Biology · Immunology · Cardiovascular Biology. ResearchGate  LinkedIn  OICID ID Email: prakashdpbt@gmail.com

Dr. Ashok K Datusalia, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, 226002, India Email: ashokdatusalia@gmail.com  Google Scholar  ResearchGate Website Research Interests: Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr. Dinesh Nyavanandi, Formulation Scientist Continuus Pharmaceuticals 25 Olympia Ave, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. 01801. (P): +1(662) 550-9555 (E): ndinesh624@gmail.com; dnyavanandi@continuuspharma.com Research Experience: Oral drug delivery, Lipid based drug delivery, Strategies for enhancement of solubility and bioavailability, Gastro-retentive Drug delivery, Ocular Drug Delivery, Topical Drug Delivery LinkedIn   Google Scholar  ORCID  SCOPUS



Dr. Sitansu Sekhar Nanda, Department of Chemistry, Myongji University, Yongin, South Korea, Email: nandasitansusekhar@gmail.com Google Scholar  ResearchGate Website

Dr. Kishor Mazumder, School of Biomedical Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Boorooma St, Locked Bag 588, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2678, Australia Email: mazumderkis2002@yahoo.com   +610426449178 ResearchGate

Dr. Priya Bharate, Analytical Scientist, Continuus Pharmaceuticals, MA, USA. Google Scholar     ResearchGate   Website  Interested fields: Carbohydrates synthesis, Chemical biology, Supramolecular chemistry, Analytical method development and qualifications of drug molecules, Nanomaterials, and organic chemistry

Dr. Ahmed Salih Sahib; Professor, Dept of Pharmacology & Toxicology, College of Pharmacy, University of Kerbala, Iraq, Email: ahmedsalih73@yahoo.com   ahmed.alkhezaly@uokerbala.edu.iq  Tel : +964-7901585579          Google Scholar         ResearchGate   Website  Interested fields: Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacogenomics

Prof. Fahad I. Al-Saikhan, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, College of Pharmacy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia    Email: f.alsaikhan@psau.edu.sa   Telephone: +966115886074 ResearchGate  Website    Interested fields: Primary care/Ambulatory care, health outcome, pharmacogenomics

Dr. Ramesh Kenchappa, Head - Formulation Development (Pharma & Biotech), Lonza, Tampa, Florida, United States, United States. Specialist: in developing various pharmaceutical dosage forms including Tablets, Soft Gel and Hard Gel Capsules, Liquids, Topical applications for IND/NDA and ANDA Email: Ramesh.Kenchappa@catalent.com  LinkedIn

Dr. Nahlah Elkudssiah Ismail, Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy, Malaysia. researchgate.net  orcid.org Email: elkudssiah77@yahoo.com, nahlah@salam.uitm.edu.my  Research interest: Pharmaceutics (drug delivery; nanotechnology), Pharmaceutical Analysis (method development and validation), Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Education, Pharmacy Practice & Public Health.

Dr. Vijai Kumar Reddy Tangadanchu, Ph. D. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University School of Medicine Saint Louis, Missouri-63110, USA E-mail: tvijaikumarreddy@wustl.edu  tvkreddyiict@outlook.com  Mobile: +1 314-665-8974. Google Scholar  Publons

Dr. Solmaz Ghaffari, Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran; Email: soligh@yahoo.com ‪Google Scholar  researchgate.net Tel: +9891252721    Fax: +982122600091

Dr. Mostafa Madmoli, Emergency Medical Technician, Dezful University of Medical Sciences, Dezful, Iran. Email: mostafamadmoli10@yahoo.com   Phone: [989370176590]  Interested fields: Diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease,

Dr. Vijay Kumar Siripuram, Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience The Rockefeller University, New York, NY, USA. Email: vijay.aleru@gmail.com ; Phone: (+1) 646-238-5620. Interested fields: NMR, FTIR, HPLC, GCMS/LCMS, column chromatography, crystallization  Google Scholar      Publons

Dr Saket Patel, Research Associate at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Department of Radiology, New York, 10065, USA. Interested fields: Organic chemistry, new molecule design, developing new methods for hyperpolarization via dissolution DNP, and real time metabolism (in vivo/ in vitro). Phone: +1 929-553-4960 Email: saketpatel32@gmail.com patels24@mskcc.org   Google Scholar  Website

Dr Arun Butreddy, Ph.D., Scientist, Protein Pharmaceutical Development, Biogen Inc, Massachusetts, USA. ResearchGate Google Scholar LinkedIn  Email: butreddyarun@gmail.com  Mobile: +1 (662)-380-0558

Dr. Madhukiran Parvathaneni, Manager - Global Regulatory Affairs, CRC Pharma, New Jersey, USA. Interested Fields: Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Ph: +1 (609)582-6496 Email: madhukiran.parvathaneni@gmail.com  Website  ResearchGate  Google Scholar  LinkedIn 



Dr. Krishan Kumar Verma, Ram-Eesh College of Pharmacy, Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational and Technical Education, Greater Noida, India, India Email: krrishver@gmail.com  ResearchGate  Google Scholar

Dr. Sheo Datta Maurya, Sarvodaya College of Pharmacy, Azamgarh, India Email: meetshiv23@gmail.com      Google Scholar  ResearchGate  Interested fields: Pharmacy (Novel Drug delivery, Liposomes, Ethosomes,)

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Badjatya, M. Pharm (PMRA), MIPL, Ph.D. Manager - RA (Oral Solution & Injection), 206 Razn House, Al Nahda 2, Dubai, UAE India Email: jeetbadjatya@gmail.com




Dr.  Mousumi Kar, Professor and Head, Faculty of Pharmacy Medi-Caps University, Indore, INDIA, India. Email: karmousumi@hotmail.com Website  Google Scholar  Interested fields: Pharmaceutics, Novel Drug Delivery

Dr. Nilesh Jain, Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science-Pharmacy, Bhopal, India. Phone: +919425074520, Email: prof.nileshjain@gmail.com  ORCID   SCOPUS