Recent trends in management of common glomerulopathy

  • Kamel El-Reshaid Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University


Diagnosis of glomerulopathy requires correlation between: (a) clinicopathological syndromes, (b) kidney histology for the abnormalities which are useful for the severity of disease, stage of activity and extent of chronicity.  Subsequently, management dictates the choice of effective medications to avoid renal loss and long-term side effects.  In this review article; we provide our practical experience with drug-therapy in common idiopathic and secondary glomerular diseases.

Keywords: glomerulopathy, kidney biopsy, nephrotic syndrome, Rituximab, treatment.

Keywords: glomerulopathy, kidney biopsy, nephrotic syndrome, Rituximab


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Kamel El-Reshaid, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University

Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University


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