Design expert assisted mathematical optimization of solubility and study of fast disintegrating tablets of Lercanidipine Hydrochloride

  • Seema Saini Department of Pharmaceutics, Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra, S. B. S. Nagar, Punjab, India
  • Rajeev Garg Department of Pharmaceutics, ASBASJSM COP, Bela, Punjab, India


90% of drugs being researched today, posses poor solubility setback which inturn renders  the drug with slower rate of absorption from the buccal route; hence dissolution is the rate limiting step for such lipophilic drugs. So, there is a need to keep a check on the dissolution profile of these drugs to ensure maximum therapeutic utilization. The dissolution rate therefore becomes a primary factor which governs the rate and extent of its absorption. Enormous work is being performed in the field of enhancement of solubility and dissolution behaviour of such drugs. Advancements and innovations have developed solid dispersion (SD) technique as the novel method for the solubility enhancement. Precision of dosing and patient's compliance is a crucial prerequisite for the management of chronic Antihypertensive treatment, So there arised a need to formulate a system which should resolve the difficulties associated with conventional tablets. This issue can be better tackled with the formulation of orally fast disintegrating tablets. The aim of the present study was to improve the solubility and dissolution rate of Lercanidipine hydrochloride (LRH) by formulating a solid dispersion with Polyvinyl pyrollidine (PVP-K30) and Guargum. Full Factorial designs are exploited to learn and research the effects of different variables on the quality determinant parameters. An appropriate statistical model was selected for the scrutiny of the enhanced dissolution pattern. Finally, these solid dispersions were incorporated into fast disintegrating tablets.

Keywords: Lercanidipine Hydrochloride, Solid dispersion, Statistical design approach, Melt fusion method, Fast disintegrating tablet, In vivo studies


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Author Biographies

Seema Saini, Department of Pharmaceutics, Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra, S. B. S. Nagar, Punjab, India

Department of Pharmaceutics, Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra, S. B. S. Nagar, Punjab, India

Rajeev Garg, Department of Pharmaceutics, ASBASJSM COP, Bela, Punjab, India

Department of Pharmaceutics, ASBASJSM COP, Bela, Punjab, India


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