Description of Triglyceride Risk Factors with Ischemic Stroke Patients at UKI Hospital for 2018

  • Ganda Pariama Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Agus Yudawijaya SMF Neurologi RSU UKI, Jakarta, Indonesia


Stroke is a neurologic disease that results from a blood supply to the brain. Ischemic stroke is the most frequent stroke caused by thrombus and embolism. Stroke patients in urban areas, roughly 28,5 % die, the rest are either completely paralyzed or even totally paralyzed, and the rest 15 % healed. Riskesdas' 2018 data, the rate of strokes at age 75 reaches 50,2 % and the male gender with an 11 % while women are 10,9 %. One of the minor risk factors that can be controlled is high blood fat, triglycerides. That study was conducted to assess the risk factor for record triglycerides with ischemic stroke patients at the General Hospital of the Christian University of Indonesia. The study uses a retrospective descriptive method—data retrieval using medical records. Taking samples using is a total sampling method from January – December 2018 with 113 patients. Triglycerides above normal are 63 patients (55,8 %), high cholesterol total and Low-Density Lipoprotein levels is 68 patients (60,2 %) and 61 patients (54 %). Male patients has 59 (52,2 %).


Keywords: Ischemic stroke, Triglycerides, Low-Density Lipoprotein


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Author Biographies

Ganda Pariama, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Agus Yudawijaya, SMF Neurologi RSU UKI, Jakarta, Indonesia

SMF Neurologi RSU UKI, Jakarta, Indonesia


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