Medicinal Potential of Jamun (Syzygium cumini Linn): A Review

  • Nadeem Ahmad
  • Mohammad Nawab
  • M Husain Kazmi


Unani System of Medicine (USM) is being practised as traditional, alternative and complementary medicine in India and other countries. In this system of medicine, medicinal plants are extensively used in the treatment of various kind of diseases since time immemorial. Herbo-mineral origin drugs are the main components of Unani Pharmacopoeia. Jamun (Syzygium cumini Linn) is one of the medicinal plants used for therapeutic purposes in Dhayābīṭus Ḥārr (diabetes mellitus),  Ishāl-e- Damwī (haemorrhagic diarrhoea), Is’haal-i-Safrāwī (bilious diarrhoea), Ḍu‘f al-Ishtihā’(loss of appetite), Zaḥīr (dysentery) and Qulā (oral ulcer). In recent past its fruits, seeds, leaves, stem bark and its secondary metabolites have shown medicinal properties in various experimental and clinical studies. In this review we have tried to explore its ethno-botanical uses and pharmacological actions described in classical literature and scientific publications based on experimental studies. It is found that this plant plays an important role in prevention and management of non-communicable diseases such as Dhayābīṭus Ḥārr (diabetes mellitus), Sarṭān (cancer), Niqris (gout), ischaemic heart disease etc. Several preclinical studies have revealed that it has Muḥallil-i- Awrām (anti-inflammatory), Muḥāfiẓ-i- Qalb (cardio protective), Dafi‘-i-Ḥummā (anti-pyretic) and Muqawwī-i-Jigar (hepatotonic) properties. It also possesses anti-diabetic potential activity and considered as a potent anti-diabetic plant.

Keywords: Unani, Jamun, Syzygium, Antidiabetic, Anti-inflammatory, Hepatoprotective


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