Study on Drug Prescribing Pattern in Dengue Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital – A tool to teach Clinical Pharmacology

  • Mirza Atif Beg



Introduction and Aim: Dengue fever (DF) is the most common arboviral infection of mankind gaining global attention. Data about drug usage patterns in DF in India are lacking.The present study was undertaken to analyze drug utilization pattern of dengue infections to teach certain basic skills to MBBS students which will form an integral component of practising rational therapeutics.

Methods: A total no of 122 cases were followed up by the 5th semester 2nd Professional undergraduate students in the department of pharmacology at hospital wards of SGRRIM &HS, Dehradun from June 2012 to July 2014. Patients were analysed on various parameters using WHO drug use indicators and National List of Essential Medicines.

Results: A total of 122 prescriptions were analyzed. Male:Female ratio was (72.95%, 27.05%) Age wise distribution of patients was done: 0-15 years were 9 (7.34%), 16-30 years were 45(36.88%), 31-45 years were 46(37.70%), 46-60 years were 18 (14.75%) and >60 years were 4 (3.28%). A total of 614 drugs were prescribed. 169(27.52%) antimicrobials, 99(16.12%) antipyretics, 91(14.82%) antacids, 65(10.59%) multivitamins, 55(8.96%) antiemetics and 135(21.99%) in miscellaneous category were prescribed. 243(40.23%) oral drugs and 361(59.77%) injectable drugs were prescribed. 5.03 drugs per prescription were prescribed. 377(62.42%) drugs were prescribed from National Essential Medicine List.100% drugs were prescribed by brand names.

Conclusion: Majority of the drugs were prescribed from national essential medicine list. As the incidence of DF is increasing with epidemics, the demand for specific treatment guidelines is in great need.

Key words: Dengue fever, drug utilisation pattern, rational prescribing.

Keywords: Key words, Dengue fever, drug utilisation pattern, rational prescribing.


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