Importance of Diet/Nutrition and Regimen in Homoeopathic Treatment

Regimens and foods in disease

  • BISWARANJAN PAITAL Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Akhaya Kumar HAti
  • Umakanta Prusrty
  • Uday Shankar Prusty
  • Falguni Panda


Homoeopathy is a safe and natural form of medicine, based on the principle of “Similia Similibus Curenter”. It means “like is cured by like” i.e. a disease may be cured by something that can cause similar symptoms. Homoeopathy is concerned with treating the whole person rather than the illness alone. The homeopathic remedy selected will be based on all the symptoms of the patient including physical, mental and emotional states as well as past history, family history, and intrauterine history of the patient.  Homoeopathic remedies stimulate the body's own immune system and offer a long lasting cure rather than giving temporary relief. On the other hand, the action of the homeopathic remedy becomes complete when proper guidance regarding instructions about diet and regimen mentioned by stalwarts of homeopathic physicians are followed. The objective of the present review article is to discuss how diet and regimen also are the key factors for successful treatment of a disease. Therefore, research on the nutritional values of different foods must be evaluated to be used as nutraceutics, besides regimen is also important to treat different disease. Finally, combination of medicine, food (nutrition) and regimen are important for the successful treatment of a disease.


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