Application of Lipids in Hot Melt Extrusion Technology

  • Anil Kumar Dindigala Thermofisher Scientific, Greenville, NC - 27858, USA
  • Mounika Rajya Lakshmi Kodam Doctor of Pharmacy, Palamuru University, Telangana State, India


Lipids are commonly used excipients in drug delivery for improving solubility of low soluble drugs, enhancing bioavailability through avoiding first pass metabolism through nanoparticulate approach, modifying the drug release, binders, permeation enhancers, transfection agents etc. Lipids alone or in combination of polymers are increasingly being used in hot melt extrusion (HME) technology for preparation of controlled release formulations, solid dispersions, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, semi-solid formulations, solid lipid nanoparticles and others. Properties like low melting temperature, viscosity, ability to extrude at low temperature and ability to load high doses of drug favor use of lipids in HME technology. This review emphasizes the use of lipids for variety of applications in HME technology.

Keywords: Lipids, Hot melt extrusion, solubility, bioavailability, parameters.

Keywords: Lipids, Hot melt extrusion, solubility, bioavailability, parameters


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Author Biographies

Anil Kumar Dindigala, Thermofisher Scientific, Greenville, NC - 27858, USA

Thermofisher Scientific, Greenville, NC - 27858, USA

Mounika Rajya Lakshmi Kodam, Doctor of Pharmacy, Palamuru University, Telangana State, India

Doctor of Pharmacy, Palamuru University, Telangana State, India


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