• Vishal N Patel Department of Pharmaceutics, Jaipur College of Pharmacy , Sitapura -302022
  • M M Gupta Department of Pharmaceutics, Jaipur College of Pharmacy , Sitapura -302022


Oral Dispersible tablets are well recognized dosage forms presented in the market. The various advantages that they offer to the patients in terms of massive revenues by line extension of products include a variety of advantages. The development of oral dispersible tablets has been formulated for pediatric, geriatric, and bed rest patients and for those people as well as patients who may not have access to water. Several formulations provide an opportunity for product line extension especially for elderly persons will have difficulties in taking conventional oral dosage forms because of hand tremors and dysphasia. Basically swallowing problems also are happen in young individuals because of their underdeveloped muscular and nervous systems. Other groups of patients having problems using conventional oral dosage forms include the mentally ill, the developmentally unable, and patients who are uncooperative. In some cases such as motion sickness, coughing, and an unavailability of water, swallowing conventional tablets may be difficult or improper.

Key Words: ODT, Mechanism of action, Methods of Preparation , Patented Technology ,    Superdisintegrants


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