Synthesis, Characterization and Anthelmentic Activity of Indole Derivatives

  • Anil Kumar Gupta
  • Manoj Sharma


Indole is a planar molecule with a conjugated system of 10 p electrons. It exists in resonance form with resonance energy of 47-49 K cal/mole. It is a very weak base with Pka value 3.63. In structure a, b, and d the benzenoid 6-p system is preserved. The chemical structures of the synthesized compounds were established on the basis of physical, chemical, analytical data. The purification of the compounds was carried by purification methods like recrystallization. Physical constant like melting point, boiling point etc, of the new compounds were determined. All the intermediates and final synthesized products were inspected visually for physical appearance. It was physically characterized on the basis of organoleptic properties like color, odor and taste. This determination was obtained using a digital capillary melting point apparatus (Cambell Electronics, Bombay, India) by capillary fusion method. All the synthesized materials were further identified and confirmed by Thin Layer Chromatographic (TLC). UV/Visible spectra enables us o study the absorption pattern of the molecule and determination of lmax which is useful for the quantitative estimation of the compound. The IR spectrum of all the synthesized materials was recorded, which showed stretching and bending vibration levels of molecules in potassium bromide pellet by FTIR Spectrophotometer. The synthesized compounds were screened for Anthelmintic activity by using Mathew et al method and Indian adult earthworms (Pheretima Posthuma). All substituted quinoxaline compounds have been screened for their anthelmentic activity. From the screening results it was observed that the presence of electron withdrawing group made the substituted quinoxaline compounds to exhibit moderate to significant anthelmentic activity in comparison to standard drug albendazole. Compound QX1 and QX5 exhibited promising anthelmentic activity. However other two compounds (QX2 & QX4) of the series also exhibited moderate to weak activity against the Pheritma phosthuma.

Keywords: Pheritma phosthuma, Indole, Anthelmentic activity.


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Author Biographies

Anil Kumar Gupta

Research Scholar, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research Center, Bhagwant University, Ajmer, Rajasthan (India)

Manoj Sharma

Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research Center, Bhagwant University, Ajmer, Rajasthan (India)

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