Tailormade Drug Delivery System: A Novel Trio Concept of 3DP+ Hydrogel+ SLA

  • Lalita Devi
  • Punam Gaba
  • Hitesh Chopra


Hydrogels possess three-dimensional polymeric network structure and equipped for retaining extensive measure of water or organic fluids. This quality makes them as exceptional candidate for the simulation of extra cellular matrixes. For this the three dimensional printing (3DP) has evolved as the technique for the formation of the digital models. The 3DP is capable for processing the prescriptions and the therapeutic gadgets. One of the technique known as stereolithographic (SLA) printing has shown promising results in formulating the hydrogel based system for fabrication. The SLA acts by cross connecting the saps to shape the polymer matrices. Due to water captured in the gels it is conceivable to create the pre- wetted, medicate hydrogels and gadgets. The 3DP helps in formation of tailor made drug delivery system as per needs of patients. Many of Bioinks has been tried up for the hydrogel formation such as collagen, gelatin, hyaluronan, silk, alginate, and nanocellulose etc.

Keywords: 3D Printing, Hydrogel, Steriolithography


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Devi L, Gaba P, Chopra H. Tailormade Drug Delivery System: A Novel Trio Concept of 3DP+ Hydrogel+ SLA. JDDT [Internet]. 30Aug.2019 [cited 18Jun.2021];9(4-s):861-6. Available from: https://jddtonline.info/index.php/jddt/article/view/3458