• Prashansa Sharma
  • Pramod Kumar Sharma
  • Vidya Bhushan Mishra
  • Akanksha Bhandari


Although the part that we live in, is an age of creative technology and modernization, infectious diseases, like Tuberculosis (TB), still remain to be one of the greatest health challenges worldwide. The objective of this study was to load first line anti-tubercular drug, isoniazid in chitosan nanoparticles in order to enhance its bioavailability and to reduce the dosing frequency. The isoniazid nanoparticles were prepared by Ionic gelation method with addition of suitable polymer (Chitosan) in acidic aqueous solution at various concentrations. The percentage yield obtained for the various formulations was 52-70 % which shows the suitability of ionic gelation technique for preparation of nanoparticles of isoniazid and the entrapment efficiency for the formulations F1-F5 was found to be in the range of 50-70% depending upon the polymer concentrations. It was observed that with an initial increase in polymer i.e. chitosan concentration entrapment efficiency increases, however it dips as concentration of chitosan is increased further because of increased solution viscosity which decreases the loading capacity of nanoparticles. After the SEM studies, it was observed that the formulation F3 nanoparticles was the best being spherical and more regular in shape and size range between 124-220 nm. The F3 isoniazid nanoparticle formulation had a mean particle size of 1.81 nm and zeta potential in (mV) is 52.4. During the in-vitro diffusion studies, it was observed that all the formulations show good control over the release of drug from the nanoparticles matrix. F3 formulation shows 87% drug release in 24 hours. It was observed that F3 follows the Korsmeyer Peppas model (r2 value=0.9864) indicating that the mechanism of drug release from the prepared F3 formulation is non fickian diffusion.


Key words: Isoniazid, Chitosan, Entrapment efficiency, Mean particle size, Zeta potential, Tuberculosis.


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