• Devendra Kumar Dwivedi
  • Arun Kumar Singh


Dendrimers are a novel class of structurally controlled macromolecules which have the structure like a tree or star shape, with a central core, interior branches and terminal groups decorate the surface and from the cavity inside the core. Cavites inside the core and the interior branches help to carry hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs.The terminal groups on the surface can also be adapted for drug targeting purposes. Dendrimers are generally prepared using either a divergent or a convergent method. Dendrimers have well defined size, shape, molecular weight and monodispersity. These unique properties make them a suitable carrier in drug delivery application. It have branched mono-dispersed polymer having 5-50 nanometers in diameter with unique structural and topological features. Dendrimers are easily charectrized by spectoscopical technique, microscopy as SEM, TEM, size exclusion chromatography, electrical techniques, and rheology, physical properties. Dendrimers are compatible with DNA, heparin and polyanions make them more versatile novel drug delivery. These artificial macromolecules may be manipulated nano size range, similar to proteins. The drug can be easily encapsulated into the inner core of the dendrimers or chemically attached that is conjugated or physically adsorbed onto the dendrimer surface, serving the desired properties of the carrier to the specific needs of the active material and its therapeutic applications. Resent investigation suggest that dendrimers can be used as a promising nanocarriers for drug delivery system to enhance the absorption of drug and biocompatibility. This review highlights the various aspect of dendrimers including properties, and their versatile application in drug delivery system.

Keywords: Dendrimers, biocompatibility, bioavailability, novel drug delivery.


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