Insitu gelling system : A Review

  • neha kalia RBIP


The purpose of writing this review on insitu gel was to complete the recent literature with special focus on insitu gelling system to increase the residence time of drug at the target site. Insitu gells are of particular interest for drugs that have very less half life and are readily dissolved. Recent developments of insitu gelling system is its use as vehicles for the delivery of drugs for both local treatment and systemic effects. The main interest in recent development of insitu gelling system has been shown in advantages of insitu polymeric delivery system such as ease of administration , reduced frequency of administration , improved patient compliance and comfort. This review summerises the studies to evaluate the performance and application of these systems. This review article is prepaired to discuss formulation factors used during development of insitu drug delivery system, relevant biodegrable polymers for sol-gel transition , characterization, evaluation parameter and commercial formulations of insitu polymeric system.



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