Blood Vitamin D concentration In Adult Asthmatic Patients

  • Subinay Datta WBUHS
  • Mrinal Pal WBUHS
  • Tarashankar Malik WBUHS


Background: There has been growing interest in vitamin D insufficiency as a predisposing factor for allergy development based on immunoregulatory properties and epidemiological studies. Little is known about vitamin D in adult asthma patients or its association with asthma severity. Aim: The present study is to assess the relationship between vitamin D status and asthma in adult population. Methods: A cross sectional study including 622 asthmatic adults aged older than 18 years and 617 adults healthy control aged older than 18 years assessing the relationship between serum 25 hydroxy vitamin D levels. Result: The difference between mean vitamin D levels in the asthmatic group 24.96 ± 5.58 ng/ml and the healthy control group 32.39 ± 5.28 ng/ml was found to be statistically significant (p < 0.001) and more interestingly there was significant correlation between low 25 OHD level and the severity of asthma. Conclusion: Reduced vitamin D levels are highly prevalent in adult asthmatic patients and are associated severity of the disease.


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