• Anil Kalotra Department of Management, HMR Institute of Technology And Management, Hamidpur-36, India


Multinational pharmaceutical Companies are responsible for the current shift in the marketing strategies. Leading companies are using high-end development and not adaptive development, new innovation-based companies are going places and companies not doing innovation in products and processes are finding difficult, to compete with organizations adapting innovation. The pharmaceutical industry is highly complex. The technologies leading to drug Discovery and development are at the peak of human knowledge. The huge sizeof the companies and the complexities of their processes and technologies results in many organizational and management challenges. The development and management of the distribution system is highly costly .My study analyze the processes and outcomes of global pharmaceutical companies. This article will present the changing marketing strategies of a pharmaceutical companies shifting from acute base to chronic therapy base. This research paper will also give an insight about the supply chain management Process of these organizations, and will highlight the customer perception on the base of which organizations are framing different marketing strategies.

Key Words: Chronic, Closing stock, Push, Pull, End-customer, SKUs, SAP, ERP, Inventory, Primary Sales, Secondary Sales. Acute, Core


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