Adenosine deaminase and its isoenzyme as a diagnostic marker in tubercular Plural effusion

  • Subinay Datta WBUHS
  • Mrinal Pal WBUHS


Mortality and residual morbidity is quit high in tubercular meningitis particular in developing countries like India. Several investigations have been developed for early diagnosis but this sill poses a lot of diagnostic problem and financial burden. So, the present study was performed to search a quick and definite investigation for easy and rapid diagnosis of tubercular meningitis and pleural fluid ADA and its isoenzymes activity was selected to differentiate between tubercular and non-tubercular exudative pleural effusion. Among 87 exudative pleural effusion patients, 55 were tubercular, 16 were empyemic and 16 were malignant selected. Pleural fluid total ADA and ADA2 activity were measured and compared within the different types of exudative pleural effusion. The pleural fluid ADA activity had no significant different among exudative pleural effusion. But when ADA2 was selected it can efficiently differentiated tubercular form non-tubercular origin. ADA2 activity than total ADA in pleural fluid are elevated in suspected tubercular pleural effusion cases and it is a simple, rapid, inexpensive and has got definite diagnostic value. It is thus a useful biochemical marker for the early diagnosis of tubercular pleural effusion.


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