• Dhruv Dev
  • Kannu Bhai Ramesh Bhai Patel


iThe potential of hibiscus gum for colon specific delivery of 5-f

luorouracil is evaluated in this study. The hibiscus gum was extracted from Hibiscus esculentus and was characterized for viscosity, swelling index and IR spectra. The studies showed that the gum was hydrophilic, acidic in nature with swelling index of 450%. The viscosity of 0.5%w/v solution of gum  is 82 cps. The FT-IR studies showed that the gum contained hydroxyl and carboxylic acid.  The hibiscus gum -based matrix tablets were prepared by direct compression method using microcrystalline cellulose, Lactose, magnesium stearate and talc. The tablets were evaluated for various parameters like hardness, friability, drug content weight variation and in vitro drug release profile with and without caecal content. The studies showed that the all the batches have hardness between 5-6, drug content in the range 98.55 to 99.45%. Friability and weight variation were within the limit. In vitro studies showed that as the amount of hibiscus gum increases the drug release decreases from the matrix tablet. Formulation F5 showed optimum results and hence selected for the coating by hibiscus gum solution. The coated tablet release only 5% of th drug in 4 hours. The same formulation releases the maximum amount of drug when 2% caecal content was added to the pH 6.8 buffer In vitro results indicate that hibiscus gum can be used as carrier to achieve enzyme-triggered fluorouracil release.

Keywords.: 5- fluorouracil, Hibiscus Gum, colon, Lactose.


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Dhruv Dev
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