Devesh Kapoor, Ruchi B Vyas, Chaitali Lad, Manish Patel


Memory is the ability of an organism to store, retain, and subsequently recall information. Memory enhancers are the compounds which improve or enhance the memory. The compounds, enhance memory are called nootropics. Some physiological conditions such as stress, anxiety affect the memory. Memory loss may be age related and due to some disease condition like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease etc. There are several nootropics marketed such as torental, duxil but these products has side effects like vascular dementia related to lacunae or to multiple infarcts, or leucoaraiosis and drg related amnesia. So mostly people prefer herbal nootropics over synthetic nootropics because they have less side effects than others. Herbal nootrppics mainly act by different ways like by increasing and replenishing neurotransmitter at high concentration in brain, by anti-depression, adaptogenic and mood stabilization, by improved oxygen supply and brain energy, by improved concentration, stamina, and focus, by memory enhancement and learning improvement, by nerve growth stimulation and brain cell protection.

Memory is the most imperative characteristic for effectual survival of human beings. It also differentiates humans from animals. Reminiscence is the ability of an personage to record the in sequence and recall it whenever needed. Traditionally herbal drugs have been used to augment cognitive functions. A figure of medicinal plants and medicines derived from these plants have shown memory enhancing properties by virtue of their medicinal constituents. There has been substantial pharmacological exploration into the memory enhancing activity of some compounds. Since allopathic system of medicine is yet to make available a radical cure, the usefulness of traditional medicines needs to be explored. This article reviews the memory enhancing properties of the most commonly employed herbal medicines and their identified active constituents. The herbs acting on the brain are called Nootropic herbs and their isolated constituents are referred to as smart drugs. These herbs enhance the memory as well as increase blood circulation in the brain.

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