• Akshay Vitthalrao Mundhe


To give detail view of cocrystal formation with their application in providing suitable approach for optimization of physical properties.  Cocrystallization involves alteration in molecular assemblies and composition of pharmaceutical substance and which ultimately results in enhancing physical properties. Cocrystals contains API and pharmaceutically acceptable coformer. Cocrystals are molecular complex brings about changes in solubility, bioavailability and stability in pharmaceutical designing without interacting with therapeutic utility. Cocrystals are compared with other solid modification techniques which are generally used in development of pharmaceutical compounds. Cocrystals can be prepared with several methods such as solution evaporation, solid grinding, and solvent drop grinding and sonocrystallization method. The major factor which affects cocrystal preparation is its thermodynamic stability. Screening of cocrystals gives the details about chemical structure and relation between API and coformer. As concern with the therapeutic utility, cocrystals will play major role in development of formulation. This review outlines cocrystallization as emerging process in modifying solids, mainly focused on methods applicable for preparation along with examples illustrating cocrystallization in enhancing specific properties of pharmaceutical solids. Final outlook is on future development and growth potential in this field.


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