A Panoramic view of most commonly used Regimenal Modalities (Tadabeer) for joint pain in Unani System of Medicine: A Critical Review

  • Mohd Nayab Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India
  • Abdul Nasir Ansari Professor & HoD, Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India
  • Fatima Khan PG Scholar, Dept. of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India


Pain in joints (Waja ul Mafasil) is a major clinical problem that may or may not be associated with inflammation. Researchers and Clinicians are rigorously working to find out the best treatment modality in the management of joint pain. Unani physicians claimed the management of various joint disorders with the help of several Tadabeer. The objective of this critical review is to address the claims of Unani physicians and clinical studies conducted on the efficacy of Dalk or Hijama in the management of joint pain. Classical Unani literature, peer-reviewed journal articles and RCTs that predominantly focused on the use of regimenal modalities (Hijama and Dalk) in the joint pain were included in this review. Several published studies claiming the effect of Dalk and Hijama by Unani physicians, showing significant improvement, were included along with the literature. Various published clinical trials showed the effect of Dalk and Hijama in the management of joint pain, though, the effect showed by some clinical trials was short term. Hence, rigorous, controlled, randomized, blinded, and long duration follow up studies on large sample size are to be conducted by trained clinicians or researchers to establish the efficacy of Dalk or Hijama in the management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Keywords: Dalk; Hijama; Waja-ul-Mafasil; Joint Pain; Musculoskeletal Disorders; Unani

Keywords: Dalk, Hijama, Waja-ul-Mafasil, Joint Pain, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Unani


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Author Biographies

Mohd Nayab, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India

Abdul Nasir Ansari, Professor & HoD, Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India

Professor & HoD, Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India

Fatima Khan, PG Scholar, Dept. of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India

PG Scholar, Dept. of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, NIUM, Bangalore, India


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