As Review on Microsponge Gel as Topical Drug Delivery System

  • Pravin Jamnadas Kshatriya Department of Pharmaceutics, PDEA’s S.G.R.S. College of Pharmacy, Saswad, India
  • Jitendra V. Shinde Department of Pharmaceutics, PDEA’s S.G.R.S. College of Pharmacy, Saswad, India
  • Rajashree S. Chavan Pune District Education Association’s Seth Govind Ragunath Sable College of Pharmacy, Saswad, Pune, Maharashtra, India


Microsponges are drug delivery systems composed of porous microspheres. They are little sponge – like spherical particles with an outside surface porous surface. Moreover, they will enhance stability, scale back aspect effect and modify drug unharness favourably. Microsponge technology has several favorable characteristics that make it a flexible drug delivery vehicle. Microsponge  system square measure supported microscopic, chemical compound based mostly microspheres that may suspend or entrap a good type of substances, and might may be incorporated into a developed product like a gel, cream, liquid, powder. The outer surface is often porous, permeating a sustained flow of drugs out of sphere. Microsponges square measure porous, compound microspheres that square measure used principally for typical use and have recently been used for oral administration. microsponge  square measure designed to deliver a pharmaceutical active ingredient with efficiency at the minimum dose and additionally to reinforce solubility, scale back aspect effects and modify drug unharness.

Kyewords: Controlled release, drug delivery, care systems, microponges.

Keywords: Controlled unharness, drug delivery, care systems, microponges


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Author Biographies

Pravin Jamnadas Kshatriya, Department of Pharmaceutics, PDEA’s S.G.R.S. College of Pharmacy, Saswad, India

Department of Pharmaceutics, PDEA’s S.G.R.S. College of Pharmacy, Saswad, India

Jitendra V. Shinde, Department of Pharmaceutics, PDEA’s S.G.R.S. College of Pharmacy, Saswad, India

Department of Pharmaceutics, PDEA’s S.G.R.S. College of Pharmacy, Saswad, India

Rajashree S. Chavan, Pune District Education Association’s Seth Govind Ragunath Sable College of Pharmacy, Saswad, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Pune District Education Association’s Seth Govind Ragunath Sable College of Pharmacy, Saswad, Pune, Maharashtra, India


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