Role of Chitrak in the Management of Skin Problem W.S.R. to Shwitra

  • Prashant Dakhole
  • Pradnya Dakhole


Shwitra is common skin disorders mainly characterized by the presence of lesion or white patches over the skin. Shwitra on the basis of symptomatic similarities can be correlated with vitiligo. Excessive consumption of liquid and heavy foods, intake of salty & sour foods, excessive intake of fish and sweets, exposure to sunlight, genetic factors and autoimmune responses, etc. are some causes which can initiate pathogenesis of Shwitra, in this condition destruction of melanocytes take place. However exact cause of Shwitra is still to know. Ayurveda described various treatment modalities for the management of Shwitra; Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica) is one such herb which offers beneficial effect in the management of vitiligo. Considering this aspect present article emphasizes role of Chitrak in the management of vitiligo.    

Keywords: Ayurveda, Shwitra, Vitiligo, Chitrak, Plumbago zeylanica.


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Author Biographies

Prashant Dakhole

Asso. Prof., Shalya Tantra, Mandsaur Ayurveda College, Mandsaur, India.

Pradnya Dakhole

Asso. Prof., Shalya Tantra, Shri K.R. Pandav Ayurveda College, Nagpur, India.

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