Formulation of Furosemide Oral Disintegrating Tablets Using Natural and Synthetic Superdisintegrants by SeDeM Expert Design System

  • Mulchand A. Shende Government College of Pharmacy, Kathora Naka, Amravati, Maharashtra- 444604, India
  • Kajal D Chavan Government College of Pharmacy, Kathora Naka, Amravati, Maharashtra- 444604, India


SeDeM design expert technique used to evaluate the risks of poor flow of pharmaceutical powders under preformulation studies which reveals direct compression suitability and prepare robust composition of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and excipient in tablets formulation. The purpose of this study was to develop oral disintegrating tablets of Furosemide using different concentration of natural and synthetic superdisintegrants by means of SeDeM design technique. Oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) of Furosemide were prepared by direct compression technique using isolated banana powder and croscarmellose sodium (Ac-di-sol) together with microcrystalline cellulose as superdisintegrants. SeDeM design was performed to check suitability and deficient of excipients and drug for optimized composition derived based on IPP value. These tablets were evaluated for hardness, friability, drug content, weight variation, wetting time and in-vitro dissolution. All the formulations showed low weight variation with dispersion time less than 173.5±0.70 seconds and rapid in-vitro dissolution. The drug content of all the formulations was within the acceptable limits. Lubricated blend composition of F4 found average radius value 5.24, 0.66 and 5.509 for IGC, IP and IPP respectively, compressed tablet shown good physical properties. The optimized formulation F4 showed good release profile with 99.25 percentage drug release compared to other trial batches. It was concluded that natural superdisintegrant (banana powder) showed better disintegrating property than synthetic super disintegrant (Ac-di-sol) in the formulations of ODTs.

Keywords: Furosemide, Oral disintegrating tablets, SeDeM expert system, Superdisintegrants


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