• Ashwani Kumar Chaturvedi uttar pradesh
  • Amita Verma christian school of pharmacy
  • Arun Kumar Singh uttarakhand technical university
  • Avnish Kumar u p technical university


The present study involves preparation and evaluation of floating microballoons of norfloxacin for improving the bioavailability by prolongation of gastric residence time. norfloxacin, a sparingly water soluble drug, was selected and microballoons were prepared by emulsion solvent diffusion method using Eudragit L-100 and Eudragit RS-100 in ethyl alcohol and dichloromethane organic solvent system. The formation of a sphere and hollow within the sphere was confirmed through SEM studies. The percentage of drug entrapment and recovery was found to be 75- 80%. The micromeritic properties indicated better flowability and packability of the spheres. The Buoyancy test showed good floatability of norfloxacin microballoons in the simulated gastric fluid for more than 12 h. In vitro dissolution profile showed prolonged release of drug from the formulations. Thus microballoons of norfloxacin with acrylic polymers prepared by emulsion solvent diffusion proves to be an ideal novel floating dosage form that is adaptable to any intragastric condition for controlled drug delivery and enhanced bioavailability.

Keywords: norfloxacin, hollow microspheres, acrylic polymers, evaluation


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Ashwani Kumar Chaturvedi, uttar pradesh
department of pharmacy
Amita Verma, christian school of pharmacy
Arun Kumar Singh, uttarakhand technical university
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Chaturvedi, A., Verma, A., Singh, A., & Kumar, A. (2011). FORMULATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF MICROBALLOONS OF NORFLOXACIN. Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, 1(2).