Ayurveda Perspective on Balatisara; Common Causes, Symptoms and Ayurveda Management

  • Pranali Sunil Bagwe
  • Jayprakash Khairnar
  • Vijay Suryavanshi


Balatisara (Diarrhea) is a disease of children mainly involves symptoms of disturbed bowel movements. As per ayurveda Atisar can be classified into seven category; Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Bhayaja, Tridoshaja, Shokaja and Raktatisara. The Balatisara affects large number of population world widely and prevalence of diarrhea now a day’s deteriorating school performance of many children. Lack of immunity, susceptibility towards the causative pathogen, low hygienic condition, malnutrition and consumption of contaminated food items can cause Balatisara. Increases frequency of defecation, disturbed electrolyte balance, thirst, weakness, gas formation and abdomen cramps are the common symptoms of Balatisara. Nidana Sevana vitiates Vata leading to the Mandagni and Koshta shoonata increases Dravata in Pureesha in Pakwashaya which finally resulted Atisara. The therapeutic measure must requires consideration of Doshas condition; Alpa, Madhya or Bahumatra of Doshas. Langana can be done if Doshas are Alpa, Langana leads Agnideepana which resulted Aamapachana action. Present article described ayurveda perspective of Balatisara including causes, symptoms and management.

Keywords: Ayurveda, Balatisara, Diarrhea, Herbs.  


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