Study of Patients’ awareness and their perspective about diabetic disorder in T2DM patients: A descriptive study

  • H L Kazal, Dr PIMS. Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Kamlesh Kohli, Dr
  • KMDS Panag, Dr
  • Kavita Paul, Dr


Introduction: Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder is mostly related to the sedentary life style of subjects. Awareness of diabetes disorder among diabetics plays a crucial role in its management.

Aims & Objectives: To study the awareness of diabetes disorder, its complications and management among T2DM patients.

Materials and Methods: This was a cross-sectional and descriptive study done among T2DM patients who visited the OPD of department of Medicine at GGS Hospital, Faridkot (in a rural area of Punjab-India). A pretested proforma contained questionnaire related to the awareness/ knowledge to diabetic disorders, its complications and management was distributed among 300 subjects and their response was analyzed.

Results: 235 patients responded (78.33%) to the pretested proforma. Males and females were 48.08% and 51.92% respectively. 25.53% subjects were illiterate. Lack of knowledge about diabetic disorders in 79.57%, duration of treatment in 73.61%, their complications in 74.89%, modification of diet in 40%, their body care/cleanliness in 62.55% and leaving of medication in 76.17% were seen. A habit of taking other indigenous / complimentary medicines was also seen in 40.43% of cases along with conventional antidiabetic therapy.

Conclusion: Most of the diabetic patients had lack of knowledge about diabetic disorders, its complications and management. They also left the medicine in midway of treatment and had developed signs & symptoms of hyperglycemia. A good number of patients also took indigenous products to treat their disease. They also didn’t follow the life style modification measures appropriately. Therefore, adequate awareness/knowledge should be provided to all the diabetic patients to manage diabetic disorder in a better way.

Keywords: Knowledge, Perspectives, Complications, Life style modification, Complementary & Alternative medicine (CAM), Medication compliance & Adherence.


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Author Biographies


Associate Professor

Deptt. of Pharmacology

GGS medical College and Hospital

(BFUHS), Fridkot, India

H L Kazal, Dr, PIMS. Jalandhar, Punjab

Professor and Head,

Deptt. of Medicine

PIMS, Jalandhar, Punjab

Kamlesh Kohli, Dr

Ex Professor and Head, Deptt. Pharmacology,

GGS Medical College, Faridkot

BFUHS, Faridkot

KMDS Panag, Dr

Ex. Professor and Head, Deptt. Biochemistry

GGS Medical College, Faridkot

Kavita Paul, Dr

Associate Professor,

Deptt. of Medicine,PIMS, Jalandhar.


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