Current Challenges in Non-Invasive Insulin Drug Delivery System: A Review

  • Komal Vilas Harak M pharmacy
  • P.B. Patil
  • R.B. Saudhagar


The Frederick Banting and Charles Best extracted insulin from bovine pancreas in 1922, who received the Nobel prize for their contribution in the medical field with Johan McLeod, The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is the route of choice for the administration of most drugs, regardless of their molecular structure or weight and administration of insulin exogenously via subcutaneous route which mimic the pancreatic insulin secretion, for In todays era, insulin delivery by noninvasive route is an area of current interest in diabetes mellitus treatment by parenteral route for type-I and type-II diabetes mellitus , while noninvasive therapy through oral delivery is greatly desired, there are challenges that include the low bioavailability due to the rapid enzymatic degradation in the stomach. This review article patent that provides the novel approaches for noninvasive insulin drug delivery system to the bloodstream through the go tract.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, insulin, non-invasive insulin drug delivery, modern insulin drug delivery, absorption enhancer, insulin pump.


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Harak, K., Patil, P., & Saudhagar, R. (2019). Current Challenges in Non-Invasive Insulin Drug Delivery System: A Review. Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, 9(3-s), 982-988.