Standardization and Quality Evaluation of Herbal Drugs

  • Omprakash G Bhusnure
  • Shivraj Suryawanshi
  • S.M. Vijayendra Swamy
  • Sachin B Gholve
  • Padmaja S. Girm
  • Mahesh J Birajdar


In recent years most, people throughout world are turning to use medicinal plant and herbal product in healthcare system. the use of herbal product as medicine by the basis of history. The identification of pure active ingredient is an important requirement for Quality and dose determination of plant related dugs. Therefore, evaluation of the parameters based upon chemical, physical, microbiological, therapeutic and toxicological studies can serve as an important tool in stability studies. Standardization of herbal drugs means confirmation of its identity, Quality and purity. The present overview covers the standardization parameters with their standards value of some herbal drugs.

Keywords: Herbal medicine, Standardization, Quality control, evaluation, WHO Guidelines.


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Bhusnure OG, Suryawanshi S, Vijayendra Swamy S, Gholve SB, Girm PS, Birajdar MJ. Standardization and Quality Evaluation of Herbal Drugs. JDDT [Internet]. 15Jun.2019 [cited 24Jan.2021];9(3-s):1058-63. Available from: