Safety Study of a Non-pharmacopial compound Unani formulation

  • Mokarram Ali Department of Ilmuladvia Advia Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh
  • Naeem A. Khan
  • Ghufran Ahmad


Herbal drugs are in use since antiquity with an assumption that they are almost devoid of side effects. But many reports published in recent years suggest that they are liable to produce a number of side effects. Keeping it in view WHO has proposed a guideline of safety study herbal drugs and food products. It includes the determination of Aflatoxin, heavy metals, pesticide residue and Microbial load. A non pharmacopoeal Unani formulation containing Tukhm-e-konch, (Mucuna pruriens), Khulanjan, (Alpinia galangal), Salabmishri, (Orchis latifolia), is commonly used for sex improving effect. This combination has also been proved effective in experimental studies but the safety study as per WHO guidelines has not been conducted. Therefore the present study was carried out to determine the presence or absence of the toxic components in the test drug.The protocol suggested by WHO was used during the study. The combination was found to be safe as all the component was found within the permissible limits.


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