Formulation and Development of Microparticles containing Herbal Plant Extract

  • Neelima Salvi
  • Gajendra Pratap Choudhary


Diabetes can not be cured completely. Incidence of diabetes mellitus increasing day by day. Synthetic drugs which are used for the treatment of diabetes have many side effects and frequency of dosing is more. To overcome such problems novel carrier system has been chose. Herbal extracts have been widely accepted as the potential medicines with less side effects as compared to synthetic drug molecules. Biodegradable polymers are having wide use for the preparation of vesicular system to control the drug release pattern of drugs. “Polymeric microparticles” considered as novel carrier technique to control the release of herbal plant extracts from vesicular system. Extraction of crude drug (Glycyrrhiza glabra) done with successive solvent extraction method by using different solvents like Petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, chloroform, methanol, and ethanol. In phytochemical screening we found different constituents but glycyrrhizin which is active constituent of roots, which have anti-hyperglycemic effect. Polymeric microparticles formulated with emulsification method. After characterization the microparticles shows good results of drug release and entrapment efficiency. In the current research work micoparticles has been developed of chitosan employed to enhance the drug release. Polymeric micopartcles were characterized and evaluated for antidiabetic activity. Glycyrrhiza glabra decrease the blood glucose level in albino rats.


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