Formulation and In-vitro evaluation of Orodispersible tablets of Telmisartan

  • Yasmeen Ghori
  • A Revathi Gupta
  • Monica Maan


Orodispersible dosage forms are used for accurate dosing, enhanced bioavailability, rapid action, patient compliance, ease of administration, enhanced palatability.  Telmisartan is an antihypertensive drug which belongs to the class of Angiotensin Receptor ΙΙ antagonist. It is a poorly soluble drug (BCS class-II) and the rate of absorption is limited by the dissolution rate. The reported bioavailability of drug is about 42%. In the present study an attempt was made to develop Oral dispersible tablets of Telmisartan formulated with super disintegrating agent with superior dissolution properties. The aim is to formulate various batches of oral disintegrating tablets of Telmisartan by using different superdisintegrants such as Indion 414, Indion 234 and Kyron T 314 with different concentrations individually by using different excipients like Mannitol, magnesium stearate and aspartame. Formulations of P1 to P13 are formulated with different superdisintegrants by wet granulation technique. The tablets were evaluated for the pre-compression parameters such as bulk density, compressibility, angle of repose etc. and post compression parameters like hardness, weight variation, friability, disintegration time and in-vitro dissolution profiles. Drug content for all formulation batches i.e. P1-P13 was found to be in the range of 99.76%-102.23%. Based on the evaluation of all parameters, the formulation P5 were found to be best on the basis of following crucial factors like hardness, drug content, disintegration time (14.4 sec) and wetting time.

Keywords: Superdisintegrants, Orodispersible tablet, Wet granulation


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