Mucoadhesive Sustained Release Formulation of Lamivudine

  • Ghanshyam Nagar
  • Monica Mann
  • Revathi A. Gupta


The aim of present study was to formulate & evaluate the mucoadhesive sustained release formulations of lamivudine. And to fulfil this aim, two mucoadhesive formulations- gels and tablets were prepared by using three different polymers: HPMC K15, poloxamer 407 & carbopol 934. Three mucoadhesive gel and nine tablet formulations were prepared and evaluated for various parameters. All prepared gel & tablet formulations had good physico-mechanical properties. Among all the formulations, carbopol gel and tablets showed the highest mucoadhesive force, although, each formulation had good adhesive force.  All three gels were able to give sustained release up to 12 hours. Tablet formulations, so from this study, it is concluded that mucoadhesive formulations of lamivudine can be prepared for sustaining its release. And the successful outcome of the present study also encourage for further studies to assess the ability of the mucoadhesive formulations of lamivudine in providing an effective sustained and safe therapy for AIDS.

Keywords: lamivudine, HPMC K15, poloxamer 407 & carbopol 934. Mucoadhesive Gel,


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