• Hejal B Parekh
  • Rishad Jivani
  • N P Jivani
  • L D Patel
  • Ami Makwana
  • Krunal Sameja


In situ forming polymeric formulations are drug delivery systems that are in sol form before administration in the body, but once administered, undergo gelation in situ, to form a gel. The formation of gels depends on factors like temperature modulation, pH change, presence of ions and ultra violet irradiation, electrical sensitivity, enzyme sensitive from which the drug gets released in a sustained and controlled manner. Routes of administration are oral, ocular, rectal, vaginal, injectable and intraperitoneal. Various biodegradable polymers that are used for the formulation of in situ gels include gellan gum, alginic acid, xyloglucan, pectin, chitosan, poly (DL lactic acid), poly (DL-lactide-co-glycolide) and poly-caprolactone. The in situ gel forming polymeric formulations offer several advantages like sustained and prolonged action in comparison to conventional drug delivery systems and good patient compliance, good stability and biocompatibility characteristics make the in situ gel dosage forms very reliable. Evaluation of In situ gel systems include in vitro drug release studies, sol-gel transition temperature and gelling time, gel strength, viscosity & rheology, texture analysis, clarity. Commercial formulations of in situ polymeric systems are Regel Depot Technology, Cytoryn and Timoptic-Xe. Recent developments in the field of polymer science and technology has led to the development of various stimuli sensitive hydrogels like pH, temperature sensitive, which are used for the targeted delivery of proteins to colon, and chemotherapeutic agents to tumors. Sustained and prolonged release of the drug, good stability and biocompatibility characteristics make the in situ gel dosage forms very reliable. From a manufacturing point of view, the production of such devices is less complex and thus lowers the investment and manufacturing.


KEYWORDS: Biodegradable polymers, polymeric gel, controlled release, in situ gels, poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid), sustained release.


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