Development and characterization of Glibenclamide containing Transdermal Patches

  • Syed Ata Ur Rahman
  • Neeraj Sharma


Transdermal drug delivery has had a rich past and is now emerging as a major alternative to other delivery systems. As this technique has matured and new fundamentals have been integrated into its development, new products and applications have shown new ways in which skin can play a larger part in healthcare and quality of life. Improved delivery has been shown for drugs of differing. The cumulative percentage of drug released in 12 h was found to be minimum and maximum for the formulations F4 and F10 i.e. 81.023 ± 3.013 % and 98.564 ±3.005%.The results of the drug content in all the formulations were found to be in the range of 96 to 98 %. The maximum moisture loss was 4.3300 ± 0.0360 %. The prepared film had tendency to absorb moisture effectively. Glibenclamide is a third generation oral anti-diabetic sulphonylurea drug frequently prescribed to patients of type 2 diabetes. Glibenclamide therapy improves postprandial insulin/C-peptide response, and overall glycaemia control. The development of Glibenclamide transdermal patch for anti-diabetic will be an excellent dosage form for market strategy due to its very fast action and better patient compliance.

Keywords: Transdermal, cyclodextrin, formulation, release


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