Evaluation of hair growth promoting activity of petroleum ether extracts of Hemidesmus indicus Linn. (Seed) on Wistar Albino rats

  • Namrata Omhare
  • Pratibha Sahu


In present investigation was carried out to screening of hair growth promoting potentiality of petroleum ether extract of Hemidesmus indicus Linn. (Seeds). Preliminary chemical tests and TLC analysis revealed the presence flavonoids and saponins. Hair growth promoting activity of petroleum ether of Hemidesmus indicus was screened by considering different parameters which included time taken for covering bald patch, length of hair produced, percentage of hair follicles in anagen and telogen phases, time of hair growth initiation and completion and level of minerals in blood. The petroleum ether extract of Hemidesmus indicus showed a very good hair growth promoting activity at a dose of 300 mg/kg which was comparable to that of 2% minoxidil. After 30 days of treatment with test and standard drugs it was observed that, time taken for covering the bald patch, hair growth initiation and completion time and quantitative hair growth were found to be comparable to that of the standard drug. An increase in percentage of hair follicles turning from telogen phase to anagen phase was noted. The control treated group of animals showed poor hair growth for all the parameters.

KeywordsHemidesmus indicus Linn., Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, Minoxidil.


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