Formulation and evaluation of polyherbal hair oil for alopecia

  • Shilpa Kolhe
  • Pranaya Indore
  • Shweta Shewale
  • Akshata Pol
  • Leena Hanmante


The Herbal cosmetics are nowadays widely used because of fewer side effects with better safety and security .The present work was aimed to formulate polyherbal hair oil for general purpose using various Herbs. Herbal hair oil was prepared from the hair growth .The formulated hair oil contain different Herbal plant which are traditionally utilised for hair growth plants used are Shikhakai powder, Coconut Oil, Maka powder, castor oil, rice bran oil, Amla powder, Bramhi powder, hibiscus fiower, Neem leaves. The Formulated oil was evaluated and various parameters such as Viscosity, Saponification Value, pH, Acid Value where determine & reported in this article. The Formulation were also subjected to chemical test determination. To determine the presence of active constituent in the drug .Excellent result of hair growth were seen in formulation.

Keywords: Hair oil, Herb, Cosmetics, Formulation & Evaluation.


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Kolhe S, Indore P, Shewale S, Pol A, Hanmante L. Formulation and evaluation of polyherbal hair oil for alopecia. JDDT [Internet]. 15Apr.2019 [cited 1Mar.2021];9(2-s):387-90. Available from: