Synthesis of different α, β- unsaturated oxazolone derivatives

  • Pallavi L Phalke Vishal Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research. Tal-Junnar, Dist-Pune, Maharashtra 412411


Acetyl glycine were prepared from glycine acetic anhydride and then 2, 4-disubstituted Oxazol-5-one were prepared from acetyl glycine, substituted aldehydes, acetic anhydride, and sodium acetate as a catalyst. The formed product is evaluated and characterized by thin layer chromatography, infrared spectroscopy and melting point. The, β- unsaturated shows ability to react with various nucleophilic reagents for synthesis of new fused oxazole compounds.

Keywords: glycine, acetic anhydride, aldehyde Sodium acetate, Oxazolone, E. coli, Antibacterial Activity.


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Pallavi L Phalke, Vishal Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research. Tal-Junnar, Dist-Pune, Maharashtra 412411

Vishal Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research. Tal-Junnar, Dist-Pune, Maharashtra 412411


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