Anti-inflammatory activity and phytochemical analysis of Moringa oleifera ethanol and acetone leaves extract

  • K Padmalochana Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College, Wandiwash – 604408, TN, India


This present investigation stated that acetone and ethanol extract of M,oleifera leaves was estimated that presence of phytochemical constituents by biochemical test and evaluated for anti-inflammatory activity. The anti-inflammation activity was assessed by calculating inhibition of protein denaturation, proteinase activity and membrane stabilization activity at different concentration of extract. The plant extract highly protective activity against heat induced protein denaturation and the IC50 results values 271.25±2.74 and 304.25±2.33μg/ml, for acetone and ethanol extract respectively. Heat induced haemolysis was 50% inhibited for acetone and ethanol extract at the concentration of 271.43±0.73 and 322.10±1.34 μg/ml, respectively. The membrane stabilization activity (IC50) was assessed by hypotonicity induced haemolysis at a concentration of 216.98±1.84 and 259.65±1.83μg/ml for acetone and ethanol extract, respectively. The results obtained in the present study indicate that ethanol extracts of M.oleifera leaves can be a potential source of anti-inflammatory agents compared than acetone extract and standard drug.

Keywords: Antinflammatory, plant extract, phytochemicals


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Author Biography

K Padmalochana, Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College, Wandiwash – 604408, TN, India

Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College, Wandiwash – 604408, TN, India


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