D R Nagesh, Rakesh Kumar Jat, Syed Mansoor Ahmed


Point of present examination work was attempted to figure bilayer tablets of lornoxicam through its joining of oral measurements frame that can release lornoxicam promptly in addition maintained sustained release of lornoxicam for 24 hrs to improve oral bioavailability of lornoxicam. Primary target of this work was plan of bilayer tablets utilizing superdisintegrant Kyron 314 for smart discharge layer Polyox 303 for supporting discharge layer made out of two unique classes of medications by utilizing straight forward simple to-scale-up definition system. The in vitro dissolution study of the prepared bilayer tablets showed a controlled release of active drugs over a period of 24 hours

Key Words:  Bilayer Tablets, lornoxicam, Superdisintegrant, sustained release



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