Chandraprakash Dwivedi, S Prakash Rao, Amit Roy, Swarnlata Saraf, Ume kulsum, Nikita Verma, Dusmanta Kumar Pradhan


All the present investigation an attempt has been made to study the formulation and evaluation of matrix tablet of Metformin HCL using natural mucilage of Cassia tora as a release retardant. The matrix tablet was formulated using different drug polymer ratio. The developed formulation of tablet was evaluated for pre-compression and post–compression method. The result of the pre-compression parameter like Bulk density, tapped density, Carr’s index and Hausner’s ratio were found to be with the limits indicating good flow properties of the granules. Swelling index reveals that with increasing mucilage concentration there is increased swelling showing 61% for F-2 at the end of 5 h whereas for F-3 it was around 89.9 % respectively. In- vitro drug release for F3 formulation was found to be 75% at the end of 10 h. With increases in mucilage concentration the drug release from the matrix tablet got retarded. In- vitro, drug release data obtained were fitted to various release model excess the possible mechanism of the drug release. The results of all these parameters are tabulated and depicted graphically in the result and discussion section. IR spectral studies revealed that the drug, polymer and excipients used were compatible.  Drug release profile of all formulation was plotted in different kinetics. The calculated regression coefficients showed a higher r2 value with higuchi equation (r2= 0.958). Hence the release data of the Tablet obeyed higuchi model and release the drug diffusion.

Keywords: Cassia tora, mucilage, granules, drug release, polymer



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