Yerikala Ramesh, Chandrasekhar B Kothapalli, Jayachandra Reddy Peddappi Reddigari


The purpose of this review is giving a current update of the knowledge in this field of ocular drug delivery. The ocular drug delivery has been a major challenge to drug delivery scientists mainly due to its unique anatomy and physiology. One of the major problems encountered by the conventional ocular dosage forms include the rapid precorneal drug loss due to its nasolacrimal drainage, tear turnover and drug dilution resulting in poor bioavailability. These efforts lead to development of novel drug delivery dosage forms such as nanoparticles, liposome, ocuserts, and mucoadhesive formulations. Controlled drug delivery systems offer many advantages over conventional dosage forms in terms of improving drug bioavailability, reducing toxicity and decreasing dosage frequency. Designing noninvasive sustained drug delivery systems and exploring the feasibility of topical application to deliver drugs to the posterior segment may drastically improve drug delivery in the years to come.

Keywords: Ocular drug delivery, Eye, Conventional drug delivery, novel dosage forms, approaches.



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