Azra Shaikh, Ankit Agrawal, Neetesh K Jain, Mahesh Kumar Gupta


An attempt has been made to formulate new chewing gum for Dolasetron. The new drug delivery system was obtained, at room temperature conventional pharmaceutical equipment. The resulting chewing gum comprises a gum core combined with fillers, antioxidants, coloring agent and plasticizers, which provide smooth appearance and flexibility during storage and chewing. Drug release from a dosage form is the critical step in drug absorption and bioavailability, thus an experimental work has been designed to evaluate the efficiency of this kind of therapeutic system by verifying its capability to release the drug dose and by assessing the delivery of Dolasetron for bypassing the hepatic first pass effect. Simple diffusion into the medium causes the release of only a small percentage of the drug contained in the medicated chewing gum, while the delivery of the major part of the dose occurs during mastication. In the present study, an attempt has been made to formulate the chewing gum of Dolasetron. Different formulations of chewing gum with varying concentration of plasticizers like glycerol and castor oil were formulated. MCG II formulation was considered to be the best-optimized formula which consists of synthetic gum base (45%), Sorbitol (14.6%), sucrose (46%) etc. which shows first slow release the fast release in the phosphate buffer saline (ph 6.8). The cumulative drug release of MCG II formulation was found to be 99.43 %. From this study, we can conclude that the medicated chewing formulation can be a better choice in the coming years which provides several benefits and also benefits commercially.



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