PG Sunitha, R Karthikeyan, B Ranjith Kumar, S Muniyappan


Two simple sensitive and precise methods A and B were developed for the estimation of teneligliptin in bulk drug as well as in pharmaceutical dosage form. Method A is based on the formation of a red colored chromogen by reaction of teneligliptin with potassium thiocyanate in presence of ferric chloride, which has an absorption maximum at 554nm.   Method B is based on the formation of an orange colored complex by complexation reaction of teneligliptin with 2, 2’- bipyridyl in the presence of ferric chloride which has an absorption maximum at 421nm. The proposed methods are statistically validated and found to be useful for the routine determination of teneligliptin in tablets.

Keywords: Teneligliptin, Colorimetry, Tablets, Validation



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