Rajeev Malviya, MD Khirsagar, AV Chandewar


Besides delivering drug to the body, a drug delivery system aims to improve patient compliance, patient acceptance. The dosage forms available for the delivery of topical agents include ointment, paste, lotion, moisturizing cream and powder. However, Gel is more preferable due to their properties. Present research work is attempted to develop gel by using rice bran wax. Rice bran wax is the vegetable wax extracted from rice bran oil. The oil generally contains 2–6% wax. However it is assumed that on an average it contains 3% wax. Physicochemical tests such as globule size, evaluation of the intrinsic viscosity and homogeneity of Gel products, have been traditionally used to provide reasonable evidence of consistent product performance. However, for the purposes of these studies, the final gel products were characterized for their clarity, pH, viscosity, spread ability, skin irritation test and in vitro diffusion studies using standard procedure. All the results match with official specifications.

Keywords: Gel, Rice Bran Wax, Econazole, 5-Fluorouracil




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