• Meenakshi Chauhan NDDS Research Lab , Department of Pharmaceutics, Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, MB Road, Pushp Vihar,Sector 3, New Delhi-110017
  • Jahnavi Yenamandra


Glaucoma is a term used for a group of diseases; associated with optic nerve damage which leads to loss of retinal ganglionic cells. The changes stimulated in the optic nerve head cause visual field restriction which may ultimately result in blindness. Conventionally, the drugs used in treatment are ocular anti-hypertensives and are available as eye drops. Challenges faced in ocular delivery of a drug reduce the efficacy of such formulations. In a disease like glaucoma which is a leading cause of irreversible blindness, effective delivery of drug to the site of absorption is paramount in order to prevent disease progression. The novel drug delivery systems have shown great promise in this regard. They have been developed with a viewpoint to improve ocular retention of therapeutic agents. Niosomes have been exploited well and have elicited a positive response. The review is aimed at bringing out facts about the disease including worldwide prevalence, types, treatment, its impact and also constraints in ocular drug delivery, drug delivery alternatives, and niosomes in particular with their composition, advantages and their potential in management of ocular hypertension.

Keywords: Glaucoma, ocular drug delivery, niosomes, IOP, novel drug delivery.


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Meenakshi Chauhan, NDDS Research Lab , Department of Pharmaceutics, Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, MB Road, Pushp Vihar,Sector 3, New Delhi-110017

NDDS Research Lab , Department of Pharmaceutics, Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and   Research, MB Road, Pushp Vihar,Sector 3, New Delhi-110017


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